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Perth WA
Koala WA


Western Australia is chosen by many Japanese couples
for their wedding, honeymoon
or celebrating their anniversary.

知る人ぞ知る、 自然がいっぱいで、
Perth is recognized as perhaps
the most beautiful city in Australia
Perth WA
- but Mandurah - a coastal city -
is what the Gold Coast was 30 years ago.
It is unpolluted, beautiful, friendly
and with plenty of wild life and activities available for you to fully enjoy.

Terry and Akiko strongly recommend Mandurah
as the best spot for your holiday or special day !

PelicansKookaburraMandurah Koala


( 日本ですでに結婚届を出されたカップル、
) を、
や教会での結婚式など、 おふたりの大切な日を素敵にテリーと明子にアレンジさせてください
We can offer you
a personal, special and unique day on a boat
Wedding on Boat
at sunset in the Indian Ocean, on a beach,
on a golf course or in a lovely chapel or church.

All you have to do is ask Terry and Akiko (TerryAki)
We can arrange and give you an unforgettable day for your special occasion.

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